• 2017-18 Faculty Fellows

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  • Awarded Faculty Fellows (2017-2018)

    Judi Estes, PhD

    Associate Professor

    of Education

    Topic: Technology Integration in Higher Education

    Katelyn Handler

    Reference Instruction Librarian

    Topic: Learner-Centered
    Pedagogy from an Information Literacy Perspective

    Glenn Lester, MFA

    Instructor of English

    Topic: Teaching for Transfer

    Debra Olson-Morrison, PhD, Assistant Professor

    of Social Work

    Topic: University Design of Instruction (UDI)

    Adam Potthast, PhD

    Associate Professor

    of Philosophy

    Topic: Asking Better Questions

  • Special Interest Groups


    Each of the five Faculty Fellows will be hosting a SIG (Special Interest Group) on their selected topic (listed below). These SIG's will be open to all faculty beginning Fall 2017!

    Integration of Technology in Higher Education

    To be led by Judi Estes

    Teaching for Transfer

    To be led by Glenn Lester

    Learner-Centered Pedagogy from an Information Literacy Perspective

    To be led by Katelyn Handler

    Asking Better Questions

    To be led by Adam Potthast

    Universal Design of Instruction (UDI)

    To be led by Debra Olson-Morrison

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