• Faculty Advisory Council

    Meet the 2018-2018 Faculty Advisory Council (below)!

  • Vanessa Alpert

    Adjunct Faculty

    Dana Autry

    Director of Adjunct

    Faculty Engagement

    Alexis Culotta

    Managing Editor, InSight

    Amber Dailey-Hebert

    Director, Faculty Center

    for Innovation

    Professor, Leading Adult & Organizational Learning

    Jamie Els

    Programming Director, Faculty Center for Innovation

    Editorial Assistant, InSight

    Sharon Gan

    Instructional Designer

    Marcy Goodfleisch

    Adjunct Faculty

    April Haberyan

    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Katelyn Handler

    Reference Instruction Librarian

    Gail Hennessy

    Assistant Professor of Education

    Donna Howell

    Associate Professor of Chemistry

    Robert Kao

    Associate Professor of Economics

    Stacey Kikendall

    Assistant Director, Faculty Center

    for Innovation

    Assistant Professor of English

    Andrea Lee

    Assistant Professor of Art

    Adam Potthast

    Faculty Director of Design

    and Assessment

    Associate Professor of Philosophy

    Emily D. Sallee

    Associate Vice Provost

    Don Wise

    Instructor, Public Administration

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