• Awarded Faculty Fellows (2018-2019)

    Contact the AY 2018-19 Fellows to learn more about their special interest groups.

    Linda Bell, CPA

    Lecturer, Accounting

    Topic: Make it Stick

    Kathy Jackson

    Assistant Professor, Nursing

    Topic: Shift Happens: Integrating Growth Mindset into Courses

    and Students

    Erica Jansen

    Adjunct Faculty, English

    Topic: Pirate-Patch and

    Blended Learning

    Tami Radohl, PhD, LSCSW, Assistant Professor,

    Social Work

    Topic: Simulated/Experiential Learning

    Brant Winn, PhD,

    Assistant Professor, Education

    Topic: Trauma & Resilience

  • Legacy Projects

    Resources Created and Shared by Former Fellows

    Universal Design of Instruction

    Debra Olson-Morrison

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  • Faculty Fellows Program

    Collaborate - Innovate - Share

    The Faculty Fellows Program allows faculty the time and resources to engage in (and experiment with) innovative teaching practices and to contribute to the development of learning across Park University. Five Faculty Fellows will be selected in spring 2018 to serve during the 2018-2019 academic year. All interested faculty (full-time, adjunct, distance, etc.) are invited to apply.

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    Click the button below to apply to become an AY2018-19 Faculty Fellow. Applications are being accepted until 5:00pm, CST April 6, 2018.

  • Awarded Faculty Fellows (2017-2018)

    Contact the AY 2017-18 Fellows to learn more about their special interest groups.

    Judi Estes, PhD,

    Associate Professor

    of Education

    Topic: Tech Time in the Classroom & for the Workplace

    Katelyn Handler, MA,

    Reference Instruction Librarian

    Topic: Learner-Centered

    Glenn Lester, MFA,

    Instructor of English

    Topic: Teaching for Transfer

    Debra Olson-Morrison, PhD, Assistant Professor

    of Social Work

    Topic: University Design of Instruction (UDI)

    Adam Potthast, PhD,

    Associate Professor

    of Philosophy

    Topic: Asking Better Questions

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