• Faculty Fellows Program

    Collaborate - Innovate - Share

    The Faculty Fellows Program allows faculty the time and resources to engage in (and experiment with) innovative teaching practices and to contribute to the development of learning across Park University. Five Faculty Fellows will be selected in spring 2019 to serve during the 2019-2020 academic year. All interested faculty (full-time, adjunct, distance, etc.) are invited to apply.

  • Apply Now

    Click the button below to apply to become an AY2019-20 Faculty Fellow. Applications are being accepted until 5:00pm, CST April 1, 2019.

  • Important Dates

    • February 4 = Fellows Q&A
    • April 1 = Applications Due
    • April 8-19 = Blind Review Process
    • May = Fellows Notified
  • Fellows Application Information

    Why Apply?

    Become a thought leader in innovative teaching at Park!

    • One course release or $1,500 stipend (on the approval of the Dean/Provost)
    • Collaborative knowledge sharing sessions with faculty fellows team and external guests
    • Leadership of a SIG (special interest group) of your choosing
    • Sharing your topic at Fall Faculty Conference & inviting others to join your SIG
    • Personalized support & resources, with access to colleagues exploring similar innovation projects
    • Award and recognition letter of distinction for personnel file and portfolio
    • Support to pursue scholarly research and/or publication

    Program Overview

    As a fellow, you will get to:

    • Participate in a 2-day Faculty Fellows Retreat (Summer 2019).
    • Meet regularly with Faculty Fellows to collaborate, provide feedback on teaching projects, and brainstorm together.
    • Host a SIG (special interest group*) on the topic of your choosing – minimum of 5 meetings during academic year.
    • Conduct one 15-minute “Innovation Exchange” presentation and create a “2-minute mentor” module.
    • Assess student learning to determine the impact of your approach.

    *A special interest group is a group of people who have similar interests/goals/topics related to teaching or the scholarship of teaching.
    Topics might include: problem-based learning, teaching with technology, writing across the curriculum, case study method, etc.

    Scoring Process

    Learn how your application will be reviewed.

    • All applications will be blinded
    • Reviewers have one week to provide feedback to FCI
    • Applications are rated based on six criteria
      1. Dedication to Park
      2. Collaborative/innovative teaching
      3. Proposal is innovative and provides enough material to support faculty engagement for the academic year
      4. Topic is applicable and generalizable to Park faculty
      5. Provides evidence of leading other faculty
      6. Skills and capabilities match those of a faculty fellow
    • The Faculty Fellows Application Blind-Review Scoring Guide is available for viewing HERE
  • Examples of Applications

    Please view the following winning fellows applications as guidelines.

    Trauma and Resilience, Brant Winn

    Click HERE to view application

    Active Learning with Pirate Patch, Erica Jansen

    Click HERE to view application

    Universal Design of Instruction, Debra Olson-Morrison

    Click HERE to view application

  • Faculty Fellows Application Q&A

    Presenters: Kathy Jackson, Tami Radohl, Erica Jansen, and Brant Winn

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