• Faculty Spotlight

    The reflective practitioner

    Kathy Jackson, M.A.

    Alarms begin blaring. Beeping from life-saving machines intensifies. A mother giving birth has just had a seizure during labor. Kathy Jackson, a Park University Nursing professor, keeps a cool head as her students expertly spring in to action under her watch. After the crisis is averted, she circles up with her team, breaking in to relieved smiles, to talk through the drill. This was the situation when #ParkU paid a visit to her Obstetrics Simulation lab, and even though it was just practice with a plastic dummy, it was intense. Kathy will be celebrating thirty-seven years as a Nurse this spring, thirty-two of which have been in Obstetrics and Women’s Health. To learn more, check out Kathy on the social media feed of Park's Facebook Page.

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