• Faculty Spotlight

    The reflective practitioner

    Glenn Lester

    • Assistant Professor of English, Program Coordinator, First Year Writing 
    • Department of English & Modern Languages
    • M.F.A, creative writing. B.A., English. (Yes, you CAN get a job with an English degree!)
    • Fiction writing, writing pedagogy, online writing instruction, response to student writing, contemporary American fiction.
    • Parkville Campus (although I also teach online)
    • 5 years full time, preceded by 2 years part time

    After two decades of frittering away on the guitar, I've decided to finally get serious. For the past year or so, I've worked toward developing the elusive technique of country blues fingerpicking: bass line in the thumb, melody on the skinny strings, all ten fingers engaged. I'm shooting for Mississippi John Hurt, although right now I sound more like "Duck Amuck." But I'm learning something. Or, rather, re-learning. I'm re-learning what it's like to be a beginner. The frustration, the hours it takes to make a dent. How guided practice can move you from "couldn't" to "can." The joy of small breakthroughs. The pleasure of finally getting it right. The vertiginous feeling of the next impossible task. This guitar practice in my personal life has reminded me to approach the classroom with humility, and with a recognition of the challenges and rewards ahead for each student as they go from novice to knowledgeable.

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