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  • Fall 2019 Instructor Workshops

    Fall I Workshop: Creating a Midterm Survey

    Presented by Erica Jansen

    September 9th (Monday) from 7:30-8:30pm, CST

    Offsite = https://parkuniversity.zoom.us/j/943474736


    It’s hard to believe, but we’re already nearing the halfway point of Fall I! How is your course going? How are your students responding?


    To help optimize your Fall I class, the Faculty Center of Innovation is offering an hour long workshop to create a midterm survey in your Canvas course. A midterm survey is an informal way to gather student feedback during the semester. Whether you teach face-to-face, blended, Pirate Patch, or online, midterm surveys can help you to improve student learning and engage students in the learning process.


    During this hands-on workshop, we will discuss the goals of your midterm survey, develop questions to achieve those goals, set up an anonymous survey within your course, and discuss feedback evaluation and implementation.


    This workshop is part of a year-long series to bring practical, pedagogical information and an opportunity to collaborate to our adjunct faculty. To make this series as helpful as possible, we want to hear from YOU! So, our next workshop (October 7th @ 7:30pm CST) will serve as a forum to share ideas and suggestions for our first Virtual Academic Conference, coming in March. What topics and activities would most help you in your teaching? We want to know!

    Fall I Workshop Tutorials and Handouts

    Midterm Survey Q&A handout