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    Make Your To-Do Lists Easy on the Eyes

    One Productive Minute by Vital Smarts

    Are your to-do lists a jumbled mess? Do you struggle to find clear action items from piles of lists and sticky notes?


    In this episode, Justin offers one key tip on how to make to-do list items less repulsive and easier to move to action.


    You need a system to truly get things done. That's where Todoist fits in. At first, it's simple: you add tasks and complete them. But over time, you'll discover the many features that lie beneath Todoist's surface — from scheduling weekly tasks, to setting reminders, to turning important emails into tasks.


    Flipd works like a lock screen on a timer that encourages you to remain unplugged from your phone for a period of time that you choose. Whether you're using the app to study, pay attention in class, or even sleep, Flipd helps you disconnect and measures your mindful progress each time you use it.


    Trello is a task management app that gives you a visual overview of what is being worked on and who is working on it. It used the Kanban system, which was developed in Toyota as a system to keep production levels high and maintain flexibility. It is best represented as a whiteboard filled with post-it notes.

    Remember the Milk

    Remember the Milk is a tried-and-true to-do-list app that lets you share tasks and lists with others, such as members of your household. Each device syncs through your Remember The Milk account. Push syncing helps to keep the tasks on each device in sync; changes that you make to your Remember The Milk tasks on one device will sync up with the other devices so you're up-to-date.

    Focus Keeper

    Focus Keeper has created a time management app which aims to help you focus on one task in 25 minute chunks of time. The design is based on an egg timer which counts down each round. A round is a two hour block of time, broken down into 25 minute intervals, with a 5 minute break after each interval.

    Class Timetable

    Class Timetable is the perfect companion for school, college or university. Keep track of classes and add events to your week's schedule with ease. ... Keep track of when your college assignment is due, or easily remember what you've got left to do for your school homework.

  • Mindfulness

    Providing mindfulness resources to help you effectively balance your work/life.