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    "Globalizing Service Learning" - Samra Nasser

    In this Innovation Exchange, Dr. Samra Nasser discussed the concept of Service Learning in an Online environment. The goal of this experience is to create an innovative and involved aspect of learning through active involvement with the global community, particularly as students in an online course may feel isolated and uninspired. With the current pandemic and massive shift to online learning platforms, the online service learning experience can be a useful tool in providing students with hands-on learning opportunities through community service.

    "Organizational Culture" - Adrian James

    In this discussion, we explored our ideal organizational culture and how to best build that culture. We covered strategies on working smarter not harder, valuing others, and increasing positivity. Those who attended were engaged in active learning strategies to reinforce their learning.

    "Intro to Keep Teaching @ Park Website and FCI Instructor Hub" - Amber Dailey-Hebert and Jamie Els

    The Faculty Center for Innovation (FCI) invites you view to the March Innovation Exchange to explore the new "Keep Teaching @ Park" website and the “FCI Instructor Hub” in Canvas.. "Keep Teaching @ Park" was created to support faculty during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the "FCI Instructor Hub" space was created as an open environment for all faculty across the disciplines to collectively exchange innovative teaching and learning and find administrative policies and procedures.

    "Immersive Learning - Virtual and Augmented Realities" - Stephen Fant

    This Innovation Exchange explored VR and AR and how universities are utilizing the technology. We provided tools that traditional (brick and mortar) and online instructors can incorporate into their classrooms to enhance learning, and also research emerging trends in AR/VR.

    "Creating Wicked Students - Course Design for a Complex World" - Leslie Umstattd

    Rethink, Restructure, and Recreate- In this Innovation Exchange, Dr. Umstattd briefly discusses ways to bring simplicity to the complexity of course design using Creating Wicked Students by Paul Handstedt as a spring broad for discussion. The goal of teaching is to move beyond students learning “stuff” to including “high impact practices” that help to facilitate critical thinking so students learn how to learn, not just memorize facts.

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