• New Faculty Resources

    The "go-to" place for all new faculty needs

  • Fall 2020 New Faculty Reconnects

    All reconnects will be held at 10am via Zoom the third Thursday of every month (with the exception of October) from August through November.

    • Aug. 20th - Reflections/Questions After the First Two Weeks
    • Sept. 17th - Introduction to Faculty Senate & Faculty Federation
    • Oct. 22nd - Supporting Students
    • Nov. 19th - TBA
  • Fall 2020 New Faculty Virtual Coffee House

    All reconnects will be held at 10am via Zoom the first Thursday of every month from September through December.

    • Sept. 3rd
    • Oct. 1st
    • Nov. 5th
    • Dec. 3rd
  • Beta Faculty Documents

    The new faculty reconvene documents are available for second and third year Park University full-time faculty on the FCI Beta Faculty Documents page in MyPark (MyPark login required). For Park University faculty who have questions about these files, please contact FCI at innovate@park.edu.

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