• FCI Teaching Essentials Cohort

  • AY 2021-2022 Teaching Essentials Cohort

    We are excited to introduce you to the inaugural Teaching Essentials cohort! This group of faculty will complete all five Teaching Essentials modules, meet to connect and share, and create a teaching and learning resource to share with the Park community later in the year.

    Renee Aitken

    Communication Adjunct Faculty, Defense Supply Campus Center

    Columbus, OH

    Darrick Nicholas

    Communication Adjunct Faculty, Austin

    Campus Center

    Austin, TX

    Astra Johnson

    English Adjunct

    Faculty, Austin

    Campus Center

    Austin, TX

    Annette Story

    Computer Science Faculty, Marine Corps Air Station Campus Center

    Beaufort, SC

    Veronica Shapiro

    Accounting & Finance Adjunct Faculty, Luke Air Force Base Campus Center

    Luke, AZ

    Brant Winn

    Assistant Professor

    of Education,

    Flagship Campus

    Parkville, MO

    Courtney Donald

    Marketing Adjunct

    Faculty, Online



    James Walsh

    International Business

    Adjunct Faculty, Online



    Patricia Barker

    Accounting Adjunct Faculty, Marine Air Corps Station Campus Center

    Cherry Point, NC

    Henry Welles

    Economics Adjunct

    Faculty, Austin

    Campus Center

    Austin, TX

  • Why Join?

    • Refresh your innovative teaching and learning strategies with five on-demand Teaching Essentials modules to review at your convenience.
    • Connect and collaborate with colleagues across the disciplines to build community in a dedicated cohort.
    • Apply tangible and relevant strategies shared, directly in your own classes.
    • Get recognized for your accomplishments by earning a certification, digital badges, and an opportunity to share with the university-wide community.