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    Join these 45-minute exchanges to learn new strategies and explore key practices with your colleagues. These interactive sessions are led by FCI Teaching Innovation Fellows and are open to ALL instructors. Each session will include a brief presentation of evidence-based practice, followed by peer-to-peer discussion and ideation as you consider adopting in your own class.


    Creating Connected Communities


    Recording: VIEW HERE (46 minute video)

    Material: Creating Connected Communities (presentation)




    Teaching Innovation Fellow, Sandra Abbey, presented over Creating Connected Communities on Sept. 1, 2021 allowing faculty to foster a more resilient, connected, and creative community for learners in the class. Additionally, participants explored how-to principles to move toward allowing students to connect and learn as they solve problems together building strong learning communities in all modalities.


    Online Adjunct Faculty Innovation


    Recording: VIEW HERE (58 minutes)

    Material: Empowering Online Faculty Innovation Thoughts and Ideas (Padlet); Tools and Techniques for Personalizing a Pre-Designed Online Course (Genially)


    FCI and the Digital Learning Team presented over Empowering Online Adjunct Faculty Innovation on Oct. 6, 2021 to explore spaces for pedagogical innovation and autonomy over faculty lectures and assignments, even if they don’t have full editing access. Participants had some fun and explored creative solutions together!


    Contagious Kindness


    Recording: VIEW HERE (58 minutes)

    Material: Contagious Kindness (presentation); Kindness is Contagious (Gaz, 2015 - 4 minute video)




    Teaching Innovation Fellow, Clarine Jacobs, presented over Contagious Kindness on Nov. 3, 2021 focusing on developing a greater understanding of how we can spread positivity and kindness – at the university, in the classroom, within the community, and beyond. With the world and workplace in an ongoing state of flux, it becomes imperative to understand how emotional states can be transferred directly from one individual to another causing a ripple effect by mimicry and emotional contagion (locally and globally).