• Virtual Academic Writing Retreats

    Dedicated time to focus on scholarship
    Sponsored by: FCI, ParkWrites, and the Faculty Scholarship Circle
    Date & Time: First Friday of the month Sept. - Dec. and Feb. - May
    Location: Online
    To Register: CLICK HERE
    We all struggle to find time in the busy semester to carve out time for our scholarship. It's hard to find time to write and set reasonable writing goals for shorter work times available. Join us for a virtual faculty writing retreat - we will be setting reasonable goals for an 85-minute writing session, sharing those goals in a small team, working on your scholarship for an 85-minute period, and then sharing out your accomplishments and plans for next steps.
    Tentative Session Agenda:
    1. Meet briefly in small breakout groups to help you set goals for your 85 minutes. 
    2. Write for 85 minutes, working on whatever scholarly project you want.  
    3. Check-in and discuss with your breakout group what you accomplished and talk about setting achievable goals in the future. 
    4. Discuss how Park can support scholarly writing in the future.
    How to register: Click the registration above the virtual writing retreats description to register for the reoccurring sessions. Enter your name and email, then click the OK button. From there, you are able to select how you would like to receive communication for the events (e.g., calendar invites, texts, emails). Individual calendar invites will be emailed to you, if you select this option, at which point you may accept or decline as many of the sessions as you would like.