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Innovation Exchange


"Online Proctoring with ProctorU"

Presented by John Dean, Associate Professor of Computer Science, and Guillermo Tonsmann, Associate Professor of Computer Science

April 19th (Wednesday) - 3:00pm CST

Onsite = Norrington Learning Lab

Offsite =

Video will be available on the FCI website,, a few days after the event.

Starting fall 2017, Park online courses will be able to use ProctorU to proctor their final exams. In this exchange, Guillermo Tonsmann and John Dean will present an overview of Park's online proctoring policy, the online proctoring experience from a student's perspective, and the setup experience from a teacher's perspective. Please join us for the live session with an open Q&A or feel free to watch on demand at your convenience.

The Deep Dive


"The High Impact of Writing in All Courses"

Presented by Chris M. Anson, North Carolina State University

April 21st (Friday) - 2:00-3:30pm CST

Onsite = AP380 (Academic Plaza)

Offsite = (password required, please refer to FCI communication)

Secured video will be available on the FCI website,, a few days after the event.

Teachers in all disciplines want students to engage in learning—by reading carefully and critically, by preparing for classes, by contemplating the material and applying it in different contexts, and by going beyond the accumulation of information and actively exploring that information, considering its implications, and integrating it into existing knowledge. There is plentiful evidence that engaging students in the learning process yields stronger gains than simply providing them with information. And of the many ways we can foster engagement, writing proves to be one of the most powerful. But if we continue to associate writing only with the skills of expression or structure, or adherence to the strictures of good grammar, we miss opportunities to weave writing activities into our courses in order to strengthen the learning of content. Barriers to the increased use of writing come largely from how we think about it—the preconceptions we have of “academic writing.” This presentation will offer a view of writing as a highly varied language activity that can be strongly tied to goals for student learning, and, through examples and research, suggest ways that it can play a central role in every discipline.

New Faculty Reconvenings

To ensure FCI provides new faculty with necessary support during their first year as full-time faculty, the following dates have been set for the new faculty convenings:

  • Tuesday, September 13 - "Resources to Support Research and Scholarly Engagement @ Park",
  • Tuesday, October 25 - "Annual Faculty Performance Reviews, Tenure, and Promotion @ Park",
  • Tuesday, November 22 - "Curriculum and Assessment @ Park: Forms, Reports and Approval Processes",
  • Monday, January 30 - “HLC accreditation and other key Academic Affairs initiatives @ Park”,
  • Monday, February 27 - “Navigating service opportunities @ Park”,
  • Monday, March 27 - “Academic advising @ Park”, and
  • Monday, April 24 - “Crafting your Professional Development Plan @ Park”.

We will meet in Norrington Learning Lab in the fall and the FCI Suite (Science Hall, Rm 108) in the spring or via Zoom if you are unable to attend the onsite sessions. Fall sessions will be held from 10:15-11:15 a.m., CST. Spring sessions will be held from 3:15-4:15 p.m., CST.

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