• Learning Opportunities

    Multiple pathways for faculty exchange


    Deep Dive

    1+ Hours

    The Deep Dive includes events that allow you to dive deeper on a special topic related to teaching and learning. New programming is available throughout the academic year, and many topics are available on demand for your viewing - to visit those dives, click HERE.

    Innovation Exchange

    30 Minutes

    The monthly forum is

    open to all Park faculty. Join on campus, live webinar, or recorded session of Park faculty exchanging innovative teaching practices. Sessions occurs monthly throughout the academic year - to view those exchanges available on-demand click HERE.



    On Demand

    In the 2-Minute Mentor, you can access a learning tip or strategy on demand from a recording and learn from Park University faculty who are using innovative approaches in their courses & programs. To review the library of 2-minute mentors, please visit the gallery HERE.

    SIG Learning Communities


    The SIG Learning communities will be offered and led by FCI Faculty Fellows each month. We encourage all faculty to connect with a SIG of their choosing and interest - join these interdisciplinary teams to learn together! Dates & times for each SIG are posted on the Special Interest Groups page To view, click HERE.

  • Upcoming & Recent Events

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    Make it Stick

    Special Interest Group

    Presented by Linda Bell

    March 6th (Wednesday) from 12:00-1:00pm, CST

    Onsite = Norrington Learning Lab

    Offsite = https://parkuniversity.zoom.us/j/890598163


    Explore evidence-based learning strategies that enable students to learn better and remember longer. Transformative power of story will be utilized to help us understand why these principles should replace less effective but widely accepted practices.

    Trauma & Resilience

    Special Interest Group

    Presented by Brant Winn

    March 20th (Wednesday) from 12:00-1:00pm, CST

    Onsite = Gibson (3rd floor of Thompson Commons)

    Offsite = https://parkuniversity.zoom.us/j/716658958


    Join us as we explore together to find answers to the following questions: What is trauma? What is resilience? How does trauma and resilience impact learning? Who is resilient and what makes them so? How can resilience be fostered in the wake of trauma? What can we learn from highly resilient individuals that will help inform our work with students?

    Hosting a Dynamic Meeting with Zoom

    Innovation Exchange

    Presented by Erica Jansen

    March 25th (Monday) from 1:30-2:00pm, CST

    Onsite = Gibson (Third floor Thompson Commons)

    Offsite = https://zoom.us/j/890254447


    More and more, we're experiencing a need to host meeting virtually with our students and faculty. How can we ensure those meetings feel as engaging, productive, and seamless as those we hold face-to-face? Join me as we explore best practices for hosting dynamic and effective Zoom meetings!

    Simulated & Active Learning Strategies

    Special Interest Group

    Presented by Tami Radohl

    March 26th (Tuesday) from 12:00-1:00pm, CST

    Onsite = Gibson (Third floor Thompson Commons)

    Offsite = https://parkuniversity.zoom.us/j/992306328   


    Simulated and active learning strategies demonstrate knowledge
    attainment in safe, controlled academic environments. These
    approaches showcase higher-order thinking, increase student
    engagement, and bolster confidence in knowledge. Join us in
    exploring ways to replicate the real world in our face-to-face and
    online classrooms.

    Spark Tank Application Q&A

    Deep Dive

    Presented by FCI Team

    March 27th (Wednesday) from 12:00-1:00pm, CST

    Onsite = Norrington Learning Lab

    Offsite = https://zoom.us/j/112606114


    Join the Faculty Center for Innovation (FCI) and colleagues for an opportunity to get together to discuss your potential ideas and find collaborators. This is a chance for you and your team to win up to $5,000 to fund your teaching and learning project! For more information on Spark Tank, visit http://www.innovatepark.org/spark-tank.

    Academic Advising

    New Faculty Reconvene

    February 27th (Wednesday) from 3:00-4:00pm, CST

    Onsite = Norrington Learning Lab

    Offsite = https://zoom.us/j/594275756

    Using Faculty180 to Submit Your Annual Performance Review/Professional Development Plan

    Deep Dive

    Presented by Emily Sallee and Megan Holder

    March 29th (Friday) from 1:00-2:00pm, CST

    Onsite = Norrington Learning Lab

    Offsite = https://zoom.us/j/143103804


    Starting this academic year, Park began using Faculty180 for full-time faculty APRs and PDPs. There will be several learning opportunities during the spring semester to learn more about the new system. The first of these sessions will be a Deep Dive hosted by FCI on Friday, March 29th.


    The session will cover:

    • How to add activities for AY 2018-19 to generate the annual accomplishments report;
    • How to access and complete the self-assessment; and
    • How to access and complete the PDP.

    Please contact faculty180@park.edu with any questions on the new system. We hope you will be able to join us.




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  • Linda Bell

    Lecturer, Accounting

    Make it Stick

    Kathy Jackson

    Assistant Professor, Nursing

    Shift Happens: Integrating Growth Mindset into Courses and Students

    Erica Jansen

    Adjunct Faculty, English

    Active Learning with Pirate Patch

    Tami Radohl

    Assistant Professor, Social Work

    Simulated & Active Learning

    Brant Winn

    Assistant Professor, Education

    Trauma & Resilience

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