• Learning Opportunities

    Multiple pathways for faculty exchange


    Deep Dive

    1+ Hours

    The Deep Dive includes events that allow you to dive deeper on a special topic related to teaching and learning. New programming will be available in the Fall, and many topics are available on demand for your viewing - to visit those dives, click HERE.

    Innovation Exchange

    30 Minutes

    The monthly forum is

    open to all Park faculty. Join on campus, live webinar, or recorded session of Park faculty exchanging innovative teaching practices. The next session will occur in the fall semester - to view those exchanges available on-demand click HERE.



    On Demand

    In the 2-Minute Mentor, you can access a learning tip or strategy on demand from a recording and learn from Park University faculty who are using innovative approaches in their courses & programs. To review the library of 2-minute mentors, please visit the gallery HERE.

    SIG Learning Communities


    The SIG Learning communities will be offered and led by FCI Faculty Fellows each month. We encourage all faculty to connect with a SIG of their choosing and interest - join these interdisciplinary teams to learn together! Dates & times for each SIG will be posted in August.

  • Innovation Amplifiers

    Meet the 2017-2018 Faculty Fellows (below)

  • Judi Estes

    Associate Professor, Education

    Technology Integration in Higher Education

    Glenn Lester

    Assistant Professor, English

    Teaching for Transfer

    Debra Olson-Morrison

    Assistant Professor, Social Work

    Universal Design of Instruction

    Adam Potthast

    Associate Professor, Philosophy

    Asking Better Questions

    Katelyn Handler

    Reference Instruction

    Learner-Centered Pedagogy

  • The Faculty Blog

    Events, announcements, & musings from Park faculty for Park faculty

  • Create Together

    Please share your ideas, accomplishments, or tips that might be of interest to the Park community!

    You + us = awesome.

  • Let's Connect

    Join the Conversation!




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    Reserve Conference Room or Adjunct Meeting Space

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