• Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

  • 2021-2022 SIGs

    This year’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) will be led by Teaching Innovation Fellows for 2021-22AY. All faculty are eligible to apply to join a SIG HERE – there are limited spaces available. SIG participants commit to attend all 4 sessions (one session per term) to join these communities. If you are interested in learning about a topic below, in being part of a community of practitioners, and reigniting your passion for teaching – apply to join a SIG today!

    Creating Connected Communities

    Presented by: Sandra Abbey


    Would you like to foster a more resilient, connected, and creative community for your learners in the class? Or perhaps move toward allowing your students to connect and learn as they solve problems together? If so, then please join the Creating Connected Communities SIG as we will explore how-to principles to build strong learning communities among our students in all modalities!

    Empowering Online Adjunct Faculty Innovation

    Presented by: Heather Strafaccia and Favor Campbell


    Are you an instructor who would love to innovate the course you teach, but feel locked down by the locked content? Come join the Empowering Online Adjunct Faculty Innovation SIG to explore spaces for pedagogical innovation and autonomy over your lectures and assignments, even if you don’t have full editing access. Let’s have some fun and explore creative solutions together!

    Contagious Kindness


    Presented by: Clarine Jacobs


    The Contagious Kindness SIG will focus on developing a greater understanding of how we can spread positivity and kindness – at the university, in the classroom, within the community, and beyond. With the world and workplace in an ongoing state of flux, it becomes imperative to understand how emotional states can be transferred directly from one individual to another causing a ripple effect by mimicry and emotional contagion (locally and globally).


    Legacy Fellows' SIG Content

    Interested in exploring previous years’ SIG content from our Legacy Fellows, then check out innovative teaching resources here. Topics include but are not limited to:
    • Active Learning with Pirate Patch
    • Universal Design of Instruction
    • Trauma and Resilience
    • The Dark (& Bright) Side of Human Communication
    • Facilitating a Community of Inquiry