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    Teaching Fellow

    Teaching Innovation Fellows are selected as thought leaders for innovative teaching at Park University. Fellowships are awarded each year, via a competitive application process, & provided a stipend & resources to lead a cohort on a Special Interest Group (SIG) topic of their choosing. They foster a community of dedicated instructors by hosting SIG sessions throughout the academic year, & additionally share a university-wide presentation on their SIG during a live event open to all faculty.


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  • Criteria

    • Attend the Teaching Innovation Fellows Retreat in May and 4 Fellows Sync Sessions throughout the year, with special guests to enhance their professional growth and development.
    • Lead a cohort of faculty on the Special Interest Group (SIG) topic of their choosing, hosting 4-6 SIG sessions per academic year. *A special interest group is a group of people who have similar interests/goals/topics related to teaching or the scholarship of teaching. Topics might include: problem-based learning, teaching with technology, writing across the curriculum, case study method, virtual reality, etc.
    • Facilitate one university-wide share-out exploring evidence-based practices as well as discussing innovative strategies with peers.

  • Badge Recipients