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    Collective Efforts to Create Inclusive Campus Spaces for Faculty, Staff, and Students

    Presented by: Keonya Booker, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Associate Professor of Teacher Education, College of Charleston

    Co-sponsored by: Park University Black Faculty and Staff Alliance and the Faculty Center for Innovation

    Date held: February 23, 2023


    As vital members of the campus community, faculty, staff, and students require welcoming environments within which to thrive and grow. Incivility, discourtesy, and microaggressive behavior will negatively affect the institution through the attrition of its members over time. These patterns ultimately engender feelings of disconnection and devaluing for those constituents of the university who are charged with the work of teaching and learning. In this interactive session, participants explored methods for increasing a sense of belonging on campus. Discussions centered on how to establish norms for communication, messaging, and affirmations at both individual and organizational levels.

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    The Perils and Possibilities of AI

    Factilitated by: James Nelson (ITS) and Amber Dailey-Hebert (FCI)

    Co-sponsored by: Park University Information Technology Services and the Faculty Center for Innovation

    Date & time: April 12, 2023 from 2:00-3:00pm, CST

    Zoom link: JOIN HERE


    Join this exploratory conversation that will focus on the implications of AI and ChatGPT from a teaching and learning perspective. We will share the evolution of AI in academic settings, productive uses (and concerns) for ChatGPT today, and create a safe space for faculty to explore critical questions surrounding this disruptive technology in higher education today.

    Understanding and Combating Contemporary Antisemitism

    Presented by: Sarah Markowitz, Director, Education & Programs at the Jewish Community Relations Bureau, American Jewish Community (JCRB | AJC)

    Date & time: May 4, 2023 from 12:00-1:00pm, CST

    Zoom link: JOIN HERE


    Did you know that 81% of Jewish students surveyed experienced/witnessed a form of antisemitism at school and that incidents of contemporary antisemitism reached an all-time high in 2021? Additionally, one infour American Jews (26%) have been the personal target of antisemitism in thepast year, and four in ten (38%) reported changing at least one behavior in thepast year out of fear of antisemitism. Would you like to be part of a conversation to learn more about how to create an inclusive classroom experience with specific strategies to consider for your own teaching practice?


    As we work to create a more inclusive, understanding learning environment it is critical to intentionally include discussion of antisemitism. Join Sarah Markowitz, from JCRB | AJC as she shares a proactive approach towards combating antisemitism through education to ensure a greater understanding of the Jewish community and to empower all participants to be allies in the fight against antisemitism.

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