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  • Canvas Tips

    Importing Content to Canvas


    Sending Messages to Students in Canvas
    Keeping Tabs on the Course Menu


    Recovering Missing or Deleted Content
    Redirect Tool


    Publishing Courses, Modules, or Assignments
    Finding and Customizing My Canvas Course List
    Validating Links in a Course
  • Google Assignments

    To view Park support of Google Assignments, CLICK HERE

    Google Assignments
    Introducing Google
    How to Use Google Assignments in Your LMS
    How to Use
    Originality Reports
  • Artificial Intelligence

    What is ChatGPT?

    Plagarism and Academic Integrity in AI

    Account Levels and
    Creating an Account
    Strengths and Limitations of ChatGPT
    Final Project
    Prompt Example
  • Information Discernment

    How to Qualify
    a Website
    How to Improve Digital
    Reading Comprehension
  • Communication

    It IS about You
    Introducing Google
    Complaints, Criticism, and Hurtful Messages
    How to Use
    Originality Reports
  • Teaching Tips

    Retain without the Mundane Comfort Video
    Retain without the Mundane Connectedness Video
    Online Teaching Tips
    Creating Wicked Students
  • Assessment

    Creating a Midterm
    Using Student Response Systems to Teach
    Circles Rather than Rows
  • Course Design

    Course Introductions
    How to Make
    Accessible Links
    5 Tips for Writing Clear Directions
    The Chunking Technique
    Chunking: Better Memory & Understanding
  • Technology Enabled Teaching

    Providing Canvas Feedback via Mobile App
    Creating "Asynchronous Office Hours" Using Discussion Boards
    QR Code Dominance
    Holding Virtual Office Hours
  • Student Support Services

    How to Access Academic Success Services

    Counseling Services and Academic Success Hot Topics

    Academic Success Tutors and Mentors
    Academic Success Scheduling System & Examples of Services

    Learner Access and Disability Services

  • Writing and Research

    Park University

    on JSTOR

    Finding eBooks in Park's Library Database

    Open Educational


    Connecting Park University Resources to Google Scholar

    Accessing Subscriptions through Park's Database

    Faculty Guide to Google Scholar

    Creating Permalinks in Canvas Using Park's Library Database

    broken image
    What Makes a Good Research Question?