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  • What is Scholars @ Work?


    Park University is home to many accomplished faculty across the disciplinary fields, as illustrated in the Park Faculty Bibliography. We are pleased to feature our Scholars @ Work - who have contributed not only to Park University, but also contributed significant scholarly/disciplinary artifacts to the broader academic community. To explore their work and learn more about their contributions, please click their profiles below or join the Scholars @ Work Roundtable discussions (additional information for the discussions may be found on this page or on the FCI calendar located on the FCI home page).

  • Featured Scholars


  • Camille Abdel-Jawad Cook

    Assistant Professor of Library Instruction & Outreach / First Year Experience Coordinator

    Brandi Handley

    Assistant Teaching Professor of English


    Matt Harris

    Associate Professor of Political Science


    Kathleen Howe

    Associate Professor of Literacy Education


    Clarine Jacobs

    Assistant Professor of Management and Quality Assurance Support

    Andrew Johnson

    Professor of Psychology


    Brad Kleindl

    Professor of Marketing


    Jolene Lampton

    Professor of Management/Accounting


    Glenn Lester

    Associate Professor of English


    Brant Winn

    Dir. of Field Experiences/Associate Professor of Education/New Faculty Support Associate

    Steven Youngblood

    Associate Professor of Communication


    Alivia Zubrod

    Assistant Professor of Psychology


  • Spring Featured Faculty

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    Dr. Brad Kleindl

    Prof. of Marketing

    Brad joined Park in 2011 as dean of the College of Management. He has received two Fulbright Specialist Program awards (2003, 2007), has authored or co-authored 12 books, 5 chapters, and more than 39 refereed articles and conference papers and 25 other publications and conferences. Additionally, he has been very involved negotiating international relationships with over fourteen global programs in a dozen countries.

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    Glenn Lester

    Assoc. Prof. of English

    Glenn has taught Park University students since 2011, in classes like first-year writing, British and American literature surveys, creative writing, and more. His professional and research interests include composition and creative writing pedagogies, response to student writers, ungrading, reader-response theory, narrative theory (especially point-of-view and free indirect discourse), online writing instruction, and contemporary American fiction.

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    Dr. Alivia Zubrod

    Asst. Prof. of Psychology

    Alivia has been teaching various courses at Park University, including Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Statistics for Social Sciences, and more, since 2022. Her research interests focus on the causes and consequences of how people think about politically and socially-relevant issues. Her work in political and social cognition falls into two overlapping areas: 1) communication complexity and 2) political symmetry vs. asymmetry.

  • Scholars @ Work Roundtable Discussions

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    Teaching & Learning in Asynchronous, Online & Hybrid Environments

    Spring Discussion

    Sponsored by: FCI and Park Library
    Moderator: Amber Dailey-Hebert
    Date & Time: February 16th (12-12:45pm, CST)

    Location: Zoom
    REGISTER HERE (Please provide your name and email to access/join the event via Zoom)

    Join a panel of Park University faculty and students as they discuss experiences, insights and ideas on effective teaching and learning in multiple modalities. The panel will include Scholars@Work - Glenn Lester, Alivia Zubrod, and Brad Kleindl, in addition to a select student panelist. This engaging conversation will be moderated to include audience participation and Q&A. Let's unpack what we learn together!

  • List of Scholars @ Work Panel Discussants