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    Online Faculty Mentor

    New undergraduate online instructors, whether full-time or adjunct, participate in the Online Instructor Mentoring Program (OIMP) where they receive one-on-one peer mentoring throughout their first term teaching. Faculty mentors volunteer & serve in the specific discipline and modality in which they teach when possible. This program is virtual as mentors are located across the country. The OIMP provides opportunities to mentors for professional development where mentors connect & collaborate.
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  • Criteria

    • Criteria to be a faculty mentor will vary each term. One year of teaching online in the Park undergraduate program is generally required (or one year of blended teaching for campus center mentoring).
    • Evidence of successful teaching in the online modality at the undergraduate level at Park is required by receiving a satisfactory score through a system of peer review (e.g., Peer Review of Online Teaching (PROT) Fellows program or a departmental peer review).
    • Faculty mentors should be well-versed in best practices in online teaching.
    • Faculty mentors volunteer their time in service to the university to guide new faculty through their first term of teaching at Park.
  • Badge Recipients