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    Teaching Essentials Cohort

    The Teaching Essentials Cohort brings together 8 to 12 instructors over the Fall semester who agree to complete all 5 Teaching Essentials modules and meet once a month to collaborate, innovate, and apply new teachings strategies inspired by the modules. At the end of their tenure, each cohort hosts a “share out,” in which they present top lessons learned to the larger Park community. This program is open to all Park instructors on a first-come first-serve basis.
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  • Criteria

    • Cohort participants will complete all 5 Teaching Essentials modules according to the schedule set by the group.
    • Participate consistently in collaborative sessions with their cohort throughout their tenure to reflect, apply, and assess the teaching concepts named or inspired by the modules.
    • Cohort participants will apply the teaching and learning strategies from the Teaching Essentials modules or inspired by the Teaching Essentials modules to their own classrooms. When not actively teaching, participants will create or develop teaching materials that incorporate their learnings for a future class or for broader application in the “share out.”
    • Select cohort participants will give a brief presentation during the “share out” of one or two teaching strategies that they introduced to the cohort and developed over the tenure of the program. Each presentation will also include a meaningful visual component and an organized, structured talk.
    • Cohort participants will co-create an asynchronous resource that presents key learnings from the program to the broader university via the Teaching Essentials Cohort webpage. The format of this resource and the learnings included will be selected by each cohort, and will be readable, applicable, and accessible to instructors of all disciplines and modalities across Park University.
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