• Digital Badging

    A pathway to recognize your professional learning

  • Digital Badging in FCI

    The Faculty Center for Innovation (FCI) is committed to providing faculty with continuous learning and engagement to achieve their professional goals, and we understand the value in communicating and displaying credentials in the online environment. Each digital image contains metadata that describes the program and the process required to earn them. Faculty may showcase FCI digital badges in email signatures, curriculum vitaes, electronic portfolios, and on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook providing visible recognition of their accomplishments. 

  • How to Earn and Share FCI Digital Badges

    Badges will be awarded based on a specific achievement or completion of intensive work (e.g., participating in a special interest group (SIG) cohort and sharing evidence of SIG content applied in the classroom, completing the Writing Intensive certification program, mentoring in the Online Instructor Mentor Program, etc.). These badges highlight honors/awards/certifications through FCI.


    Once an FCI digital badge has been earned, a notification will be sent to the faculty member's Park University email providing them with their badge image, a link to the metadata, as well as instructions on the multiple options for sharing their digital badge.
  • FCI Digital Badges

    Click on an image below to view the badge metadata (i.e., description, criteria to earn a badge, and badge earners). On behalf of FCI, we wish to congratulate faculty and academic administration on earning an FCI digital badge.


    (Note. To view archived digital badges and their earners, click here.)

  • Fellowships

    Teaching Innovation Fellow Digital Badge
    Scholarship Fellow Digital Badge


  • Community Cohorts

    Special Interest Group Cohort Digital Badge
    Teaching Essentials Community Cohort Digital Badge
    Faculty Foundations Digital Badge


    Online Faculty Mentor Digital Badge
  • Certification

    Writing Across the Curriculum Digital Badge
    Teaching Essentials Digital Badge
    Writing Intensive Digital Badge


    Designing Meaningful Learning Online Digital Badge
    Scholarship Essentials Certification Digital Badge
  • Conference Presenters

    Virtual Academic Conference Presenter Digital Badge