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    Special Interest

    Group Cohort

    Each Special Interest Group Cohort consists of a small, dedicated group of faculty who are interested in exploring a teaching and learning topic to grow their professional practice. This community, or topic-based special interest group (SIG), meets a minimum of 4 times during the academic year (once per term) to dive into their selected SIG, apply relevant resources and strategies from the SIG into their classroom/program, and shares those applications university-wide.
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  • Criteria

    • Participant will attend all sessions for their selected special interest group (SIG). If a participant is unable to attend, they will schedule and have an individual consultation with their Teaching Innovation Fellow lead.
    • Participant will participate consistently in collaborative sessions with their cohort throughout the academic year to reflect, apply, and assess the SIG’s teaching concepts.
    • Participant will apply the teaching and learning strategies from their SIG sessions to their own classrooms. When not actively teaching, the participant will create or develop teaching materials that incorporate their learnings for a future class or their program.
    • Participants will email their innovative teaching SIG evidence that was applied, or will be applied, in the classroom or program to the Faculty Center for Innovation. This may be in the form of the participant’s choosing (i.e., a screenshot, file, video, etc. of a newly created or revised assignment or activity) to potentially be featured in FCI outlets.
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