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    Architects Program

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  • What is a Teaching Innovation Architect?

    The Teaching Innovation Architects program is designed for innovative teaching practitioners who would like to develop online, self-paced resources for fellow faculty around an evidence-based teaching practice. This content will be shared with the academic community in the form of an on-demand module and two live discussions facilitated by you, the Teaching Innovation Architect.


    Selected Architects will participate in a facilitated design sprint and receive direct design support from the FCI Team to create their self-paced online module during the Fall 1 term. FCI will add one module per term (Fall 2, Spring 1, and Spring 2) to the FCI website. Architects will then facilitate two live discussions (related to their modules) with the Park instructor community during the term their module is made available.


    Three faculty will be selected each spring to serve as a Teaching Innovation Architect during the following academic year. All interested faculty (full-time, adjunct, distance, etc.) are invited to apply.
  • AY 2024-2025 Application

    Please click on the button below to apply to become an AY2024-25 Teaching Innovation Architect. Applications are being accepted until midnight, CST February 16th, 2024.

  • Important Timeline

    • February 16th = Applications Due
    • February-March = Blind Review Process
    • Early April = Fellows Notified
    • Early Fall 1 Semester = Fellows Retreat

  • Teaching Innovation Architects Application Information

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    Why Apply?

    Become a thought leader and practitioner of innovative teaching practices!
    • Stipend award of $2,000  
    • Collaborative knowledge sharing sessions within the Park instructor community
    • Institutional recognition (including a letter of distinction, certificate, and digital badge)
    • Professional development resources and support to deepen your knowledge and teaching practice
    • Contribute to your professional CV and/or resume  
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    Program Overview

    As a Teaching Innovation Architect, you will get to:
    • Design an on-demand module around an evidence-based teaching practice during the Fall 1 semester;
    • Have your developed module released to the Park community during the Fall 2, Spring 1, or Spring 2 semester; and
    • Lead two live discussions over your evidence-based teaching practice during the semester your module is released
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    Evaluation Criteria for Applications

    Completed via blind peer review

    1. Applicability: The evidence-based teaching practice is applicable across the disciplines, a minimum of three relevant sources related to the teaching practice were cited.
    2. Rationale: The rationale and selection for the evidence-based teaching practice is timely.
    3. Impact: If faculty were to apply this teaching practice within their course(s), both faculty and students would be impacted.
    4. Content Outline: Content was clearly identifiable in the draft outline (i.e., taught the practice; gave examples of it in practice; assessed the practice).